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  • HP's Test Drive is providing a large panel of test plaforms that runs a large variety of operating systems.
  • A useful website about Pre-defined C/C++ Compiler Macros.
  • Arnaud Desitter's page about using static and shared libraries across platforms.
  • Looking for a nice cvs statistics reporting tool ? The CVSChangelogBuilder could be the solution.

Other alternative projects:

  • Buildtool is another BSD licensed alternative to autoconf made by Julio M. Merino Vidal.
  • The TenDRA project is a BSD licensed C compiler, with C++ STL support forthcoming.
  • The original TenDRA website.
  • Scons is a next-generation build tool that is a cross-platform substitute to make with integrated functionality similar to autoconf and automake.

Projects using PMK:

  • CuG is an equation plotter using the gtk toolkit with a heavy emphasis on beautiful rendering.
  • Lexi is a gtk dict client and a personalized vocabulary builder.
  • Libmemcache is a C API for memcached.
  • PGmemcache is a PostgreSQL API for memcached.

Miscellaneous links:

  • Does it moo ? If not then the cows could maybe help you :)
  • Need professional consulting services for UNIX(R) and unix-like platforms ? Check the Codefusion IS website.

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